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Mohammad Almani, Student Entrepreneur Student Success Story

Sep 22, 2021

Mohammad began his career when he used his high school experience as a web designer to study computer science in a program abroad. While he studied computer science, he simultaneously studied business at Houston Community College (HCC) in 2016. Mohammad joined both Score and the Small Business Association (SBA) organizations as a coach to teach small business owners about marketing and expansion.
Mohammad Almani, Student Entrepreneur Student Success Story
In 2016, Mohammad decided to leave the two jobs he worked at the technology firms to focus on developing his own business. The company he started is called Artgro, which focuses on web design and digital marketing. Artgro, has expanded since 2016, to include five staff members and over 110 business in Houston. The company collaborates with brands to help accelerate their growth. Artgro portfolio includes a variety of companies, from startups to companies with over $100 million in sales. Artgro has a unique perspective regarding their marketing philosophy; instead, they base their philosophy on human behavior.
During his tenure as President of the HCC Student Innovation Club, he led a major project called “Eagle2Eagle” which was developed to help students find resources after Hurricane Harvey. Mohammad also designed the digital emergency guide for HCC and made it accessible to hundreds of thousands of students. Mohammad enjoys being part of Houston’s growth by offering to volunteer whenever he can.

He believes that Houston faces many challenges such as increased traffic, hurricanes, educational deficiencies, and economic disparities. However, he considers these challenges as opportunities to partner with the community to help eliminate these issues. Mohammad’s goals are to advise and encourage small businesses to embrace the virtues such as kindness as they grow into successful companies. His philosophy is that when you give back to the community it is an opportunity that helps business become more prosperous. He also believes that this is a good method for businesses to attract more customers since people are attracted to companies that are generous.  

Mohammad is a strong advocate for developing courage to achieve your dreams regardless of how much effort, sacrifice and work may be required.  Mohammad said, “it is important to be ready to learn new things, educate oneself, and learn all that you need to succeed in a particular niche”.

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