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Audrey Mitchell, HCC Student, Entrepreneur, Mother, PT HCC Staff

Apr 7, 2021

Audrey Mitchell is a Houston native, and a student who is studying at HCC to obtain her A.S. Business degree. Audrey is a mother of three children, and a part-time office assistant in the Entrepreneur Initiatives department.  If that isn’t enough, Audrey is an innovator and Co-founder of VG Hair Care Company.  This company has an array of natural hair products that are created with essential oils and butters to help you keep your hair healthy.  Audrey’s company motto is to teach women how to “heal their crowns and themselves through her hair care products”. She is a trailblazer in the hair care industry because she is cultivating new ways to grow your hair and your business. Audrey believes that you have to step out of the box in order to create a new one! 

 HCC Entrepreneur Student

Audrey has a unique and inspiring story that motivated her to create her hair product company VG Hair Care.  Audrey noticed that her daughter had developed a bacterial infection in her scalp.  The bacterial infection was so severe that that it caused the child to have cracks on her skull.  The doctor said that her daughter would need to 

shave her head.  Most women love their hair so much and it is very traumatic to think about having to shave it all off especially at a young age.  Audrey remembered that her daughter was sad and depressed about having her beautiful hair cut off, so Audrey cut all her hair to make her daughter feel better.  Audrey knew she needed the best products to help heal her daughter’s scalp, grow her hair back and most importantly heal her feelings.  This is how Audrey came up with the idea for the company.  She has developed shampoos, conditioners, scalp scrubs, hair growth oils and more.  She recently went viral in her own Tik Tok video when she placed her products in a beauty supply store, and they completely sold out within hours. She is the President of the HCC Innovation Club where she motivates and helps her peers at HCC with their ideas.  Audrey is continuing to grow her company, finish her degree and raise her children with so much more to come!

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By Germaine Washington, MBA


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