Online Student ADA

Online Students and ADA Accommodations

Students enrolled in all online classes may utilize the same or comparable support services that are afforded to all HCC students. Students only enrolled in online classes may request their accommodation in the same manner as students taking classes on the college’s premises. Students can schedule the required appointments with any of the ability services offices. Although we recommend face-to-face appointments, these appointments may be done via telephone, video conference, or in another format that suits both the ability services office and the student. Once the student receives the accommodation letter, the student must still sign the letter and then present it to the online instructor for the courses in which the student desires accommodation – normally via e-mail. students are urged to follow-up with the instructor regarding the accommodation(s) and determine whether technical support will be needed to implement the accommodation(s). If the student or instructor needs assistance with this process, they may contact the ability services office that provided the accommodation letter.


The information provided by external resources - including third-party websites - is designed to provide helpful information on topics and community resources. HCC does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content, use, or availability of resources provided by external websites or agencies. HCC makes no representations as to the eligibility of any particular student to receive any benefit or the effects – such as those impacting immigration status – that accepting a resource may have on a student. Students in populations that may have specific additional needs are encouraged to seek advice from a relevant professional or reputable resources, such as immigration counsel or a qualified website.

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