Video Resources

HCC Counselors has put together several video resources on various topics.

Stress Management

"Stress Management in Time of Crisis" Presented by Lisa Parkinson, M.Ed, LPC ADA Counselor at Northwest College


Time Management


"Time Management" Presented by Lisa Parkinson, M.Ed, LPC ADA Counselor at Northwest College


Counselor's Corner: Prioritizing your Mental Health for College Success

Counselor's Corner YouTube Playlist

  • "Talking about Kindness" with Tavia James, MS, LPC, SE Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Self Care" with Nicole Loving, MA, LPC, CE Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Self Esteem" with Tamara Petty, MA, LPC-S, NW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Prioritizing Mental Health" with Dr. Malitta Taylor, PhD, LPC-S, SW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Suicide Prevention" with Brent Arnspiger, LCSW, Micheal E DeBakey VA Medical Center (YouTube)
  • "1st Generation Students" with Cynthia Castellanos, MS, LPC, SE Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Black Mental Health Matters" with Roxanne Francis, MA, LPC, SW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "ADA Accommodations" with Lisa Parkinson, MEd, LPC, NW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Process for ADA Accommodations" with Becky A. Hauri, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist (SW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Causes of Holiday Stress & Ways to Cope" with Tavia James, LPC, SE Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Men's Mental Health" with Gary Stittgen Jr, LMSW, LPHA, MCOT Rapid Response Unit (YouTube)
  • "The Loud Silence" with Roxanne Francis, MA, LPC, SW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Setting Boundaries" with Dana Denson, MS, LPC, SW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Mental Health Reset for Start of Semester" with Roxanne Francis, MA, LPC, SW Counselor (YouTube)

Other Subjects

  • "Loneliness & Sense of Belonging" Counseling Q&A Coffee Talk with Dr. Mahnaz Kolaini, PsyD, LPC-S (YouTube)
  • "HCC-TV Up to the Minute: May Mental Health & Loud Silence" with Roxanne Francis, MA, LPC (YouTube)



Mental Health During the Pandemic

  • "Facing the next phase of the Covid Crisis" with Dr. Mahnaz Kolaini, PsyD, LPC-S (YouTube)
  • "Challenges & Triggers in Mental Health" with Dr. Mahnaz Kolaini, PsyD, LPC-S & Lisa Parkinson, M.Ed, LPC, NW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Mental Health during the Pandemic" wiith Patrick Nguyen, MS, LPC, SE Counselor (YouTube)
  • "Veteran Mentoring & Wellness" with Kevin Woods, USN Veteran (YouTube)


Ability (ADA) Services

Houston Community College is committed to creating an accessible learning community where individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities. The Ability Services Department strives to empower students, foster independence, and promote the achievement of the student’s career and educational goals.


  • "ADA Accommodations" with Ms. Lisa Parkinson, MEd, LPC (YouTube)
  • "Process for ADA Accommodations" with Becky A. Hauri, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, SW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "ADA for Dual Credit (High School)" with Becky A. Hauri, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, SW Counselor (YouTube)
  • "College Success for Students with Differing Abilities" (MyHCC-For Faculty & Staff only). Covers:
    • HCC And The ADA In The Beginning
    • Comparisons Of IDEA Section 504 And ADA
    • ADA Amendments Act Of 2008 ADAAA
    • Steps To Receive Disability Support Services DSS Accommodations
    • Accommodating Students With Psychiatric Disabilities
    • Students With Learning Disabilities
    • Services To Students Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing
    • VAST Department Of Occupational Life Skills
    • Teaching Students With Disabilities
    • Working With Disruptive College Students
    • Universal Design For Instruction UDI
    • John London The Story Of My Life
    • ZoomText JAWS and WYNN Demonstrations
    • Access To Technology In The Workplace In Our Own Words



The information provided by external resources - including third-party websites - is designed to provide helpful information on topics and community resources. HCC does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content, use, or availability of resources provided by external websites or agencies. HCC makes no representations as to the eligibility of any particular student to receive any benefit or the effects – such as those impacting immigration status – that accepting a resource may have on a student. Students in populations that may have specific additional needs are encouraged to seek advice from a relevant professional or reputable resources, such as immigration counsel or a qualified website.

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