Required information session dates/times?

The signed Statement of Understanding, which must be submitted before enrollment, may replace the required attendance at an Information Session.


Required courses

Total tuition cost for all courses is $1706. Fees are subject to change without notice. 

ECRD 1011, 64 hours:  $626 


(Lecture class) 

Offered online fall 2021

Topics include cardiac cycle, lead placement, heart rhythms, AV blocks. Practice includes rhythm analysis, interpretation, and recognition of cardiac emergencies.

ECRD 1072, 32 hours: $362 

EKG Lab 1, 

12-Lead Fundamentals 

Will be offered with limited enrollment fall 2021 

Students perform 12-Lead ECG’s, 3-Lead recording techniques, patient assessment, and vital signs.

ECRD 1073, 24 hours: $172 

EKG Lab 2, Stress Testing 

Will be offered online fall 2021

Includes theory and techniques for cardiac stress testing and Holter monitoring.

CVTT 1060, 120 hours: $546 


EKG or Telemetry Clinical 

Offered, following completion of the above courses

Clinical placement occurs after successful completion of Lab 2 and proficiency on a Rhythm Strip Exam.  Students will perform EKGs on patients within an assigned hospital or clinical setting. See Information Pages for specific clinical eligibility requirements.


Certificate of completion? (240 hours, 24.0 CEU’s)

Upon completion of the above 4 coursesthe student will receive a Certificate of Completion for the EKG Technician Program from HCC.  


Please note: Upon completion of ECRD 1011, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course and is eligible for national certification examinations. 


Students must be able to add, subtract and multiply decimals.


Required books?

EKG Plain and Simple, 4th /e: ISBN-10: 0-13-452505-1 by Ellis 


Electrocardiography for Health Care Personnel5th edition, ISBN 978-1-260-06477-3.  


Books may be purchased from the HCC bookstore, Barnes & Noble (www.barnesandnoble.com), the publisher and other online sources. See the Potential Sources for Textbooks included in the packet.