Coleman Colleague: Emma Wood, Class of 2021

May 15, 2023

Emma Wood, Class of 2021, HCC Coleman College

From college to career: Emma Wood, Class of 2021, enjoys a rewarding career as a pediatric occupational therapy assistant thanks to her education at HCC Coleman College. 


Emma Wood, COTA

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistant 

HCC Coleman College Year
Class of 2021

Tell us about your job
I work for a pediatric therapy clinic in Sugar Land, Texas. I am helping children of all ages with unique medical and developmental needs, and I am also working to develop therapeutic research in a non-profit living laboratory school in the Third Ward.

Why did you choose HCC Coleman College?
Coleman College was my first choice to pursue my academic career, and I was very excited about the high reputation for my program combined with the low tuition and supply costs.

Why did you choose your program of study?
The Occupational Therapy Assistant program was a perfect fit to combine my love for helping others, my passion for the arts, and my knack for problem solving.

What did you like best about your college experience?
I loved the community at HCC Coleman College, from the constant support from my professors to the newfound friendships I gained. I never felt alone during my studies, even during the lockdown of the pandemic. 

My favorite part of the OTA program was the hands-on style of learning that really helped to build my confidence in my therapeutic skills. Our lab skill time always felt so collaborative and non-judgemental as we learned.

What advice can you offer to help current students succeed?
Build friendships with your cohort and learn from one another. While my family was always a constant source of love and support, the camaraderie I built with my classmates was invaluable. It pushed me towards the end of the program and on through earning my licensure.

Also, your professors truly do wish for you to succeed. Approach them when you need help. They have a wealth of knowledge and passion they want to share.

What doors has HCC Coleman College opened for you?
Because of my education with HCC Coleman College, I have gained so many amazing opportunities. I am now working on developing clinical research, creating new therapy programs, and truly having a positive effect on my community.

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