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This is the place we have posted contact information and other details of Clubs and organizations at HCC. These clubs and leadership organizations host seminars to inform students of the current developments and career opportunities in STEM fields. They host symposia where students and faculty present their research projects.

Become a member and get involved in STEM learning.

Get elected for leadership positions, and learn skills to advance in your educational and professional careers.
Learn to team with other students and faculty advisors.
You can join based on the campus or the type of activities in which you want to participate.
You can also join more than one group.

Central Campus

Science Club @ Central

Science Club @ Central was started in December 2011. It has over 100 students enrolled in it. The club organizes annual STEM symposium, seminars and career fairs. Sign into the club and enjoy working with other students and faculty mentors!

Current Faculty Advisors: Dr. Dalton McWhinney ( 713-718-2546

Faculty Mentors: Ms. Karen Fortune; Dr. Brian Mahon; Dr. Madhavi Arikkath

Current Student Leaders:


6th Annual STEM Symposium: 9:00-1:00, Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 in LHSB

Northwest Campus

Northwest STEM Club

Northwest STEM Club is located on Spring Branch Campus. The goal is to promote student engagement, stimulate and provide enrichment opportunities for students to apply knowledge outside of the classroom, give students the opportunities to further and perhaps deeper exploration of STEM disciplines as a field of study or career option. In the past, the club has organized seminars, biotechnology workshops and research symposia. The club email is:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer O'Neil (

Student Leaders:

  • Sara Ibrahim (President) -

Planned Events for Fall 2016: TBA

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) Biological Honors Club

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) Biological Honors Clubs part of the Sigma Chi Chapter of HCC and is located at the Spring Branch Campus of NW College. The group organizes field trips, health fairs, guest speaker seminars and blood and bone marrow match events.

For joining the club, please contact the faculty advisor.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Anna Koshy ( 713-718-5659

Student Leaders:
Aiko Ota (President); Blanca Dornfeld (Vice President); Sara Ibrahim (Secretary); Wen Wang (Treasurer); Magidah Centeno (Historian)
New leaders to be elected!

Planned Events for Spring 2016: TBA

American Chemical Society Chapter

The Council of the American Chemical Society (ACS) recognized the formation of HCC NW Chapter of Student Affiliates in 2005. The group was developed for undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about the chemical sciences. The student members have the opportunity to build organizational, leadership and professional skills with the assistance of a faculty mentor. The students also have a chance to explore Chemical and Engineering News (CEN) online and The ACS also publishes an annual directory of experience opportunities that lists co-ops, internships, and summer work opportunities. The members enjoy the various social events, field trips, and receive the ever so popular blanket as a welcome gift!

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emmanuel Ewane (

Student Leaders:

Southwest Campus

Southwest Science Interest Group

Southwest Science Interest Group was started in 2008 at Stafford Campus.
The goal of the club is to organize events and activities for students interested in sciences.
In the past, they have hosted microscope technology open houses, transfer and career presentations, and seminars on NASA program.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Smita Savant (

Student Leaders:

  • Huda Khan (President)
  • Tien Pham (Vice-President)
  • Emilio Gor (Secretary)
  • Gino Manguino (Historian)
  • Joshua Duren (Campus Rep)
  • Durand Nguyen(Campus Rep)

Planned Events for Spring 2017:

  • January 31: Microscopy Technology Open House, W 126 Scarcell Building (11:00 am - 5:30 pm)
  • February ??: Information Session on Programs at UTMB (10:45 am - 11:15 am), Room TBA
  • February ??: Information Session on Pharmacy Program at UT Tyler (10:45 am - 11:15 am), Room TBA
  • March 24 : Information Session on St. Thomas University (10:45 am - 11:15 am), Room TBA
  • March ??: Visit "Body Works" Exhibition (2:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
  • April ??: Information session on Texas Chiropractic College (10:45 am - 11:15 am), Room TBA

Southeast Campus

Health Science Club

Health Science Club (HSC) at Southeast College has organized several STEM related activities in the past such as the STEM symposium. HSC officers were ambassadors for a STEM symposium at Chavez High school last November. Most activities of this club center around health related topics.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Molly Thomas (

Student Leaders: TBA

SE Health Science Club holds its first general meeting.
The meeting will kick start with an exciting shark dissection.

Location: Rm 311, Angela Morales Building, SE Campus

Day and Time: Jan 31, 2017 at 2:15 pm

For more information, please contact Dr. Molly Thomas.