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HCC Apple Swift summer camp begins

Jun 21, 2017

A select group of middle and high school students from Houston, Stafford and Fort Bend school districts are among the first to benefit from the new HCC-Apple collaboration that features the Swift Curriculum.

Texas officers prepare to enforce texting ban

Jun 20, 2017

The Houston Chronicle reports law enforcement are preparing to enforce a law that will go into effect on September 1, which will "effectively ban drivers from texting while a vehicle is in motion but allow them to read or text messages if the vehicle is stopped at, for instance, a stop light.”

HCC Academic Dashboard recognized as 'Best of Texas'

Jun 19, 2017

Data, which is essential to strategic planning and improving student outcomes, can be daunting when it involves more than 114,000 students covering a service area of 630 square miles. Successfully wrangling all that information into a multi-functional, user-friendly dashboard earned HCC the 2017 Best of Texas award for Best Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Project.

HCC partners with OpenStax to provide students free textbooks

Jun 19, 2017

HCC is one of 11 schools in the country chosen to participate in the 2017-2018 OpenStax Institutional Partnership Program. OpenStax, Rice University’s nonprofit textbook and technology initiative, supports the use of free, peer-reviewed textbooks on campus.

HCC launches Apple mobile app development program with fresh approach

May 25, 2017

HCC is launching the iOS Coding and Design School (iCDS) to give students cutting-edge skills and training on developing iOS apps and coding in the iOS platform.

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