Sign / Flier Posting


All fliers and/or postings from outside entities (not created by the Southeast College PR Dept.) shall be submitted to the Campus Manager for review, stamped approval and posting.


  1. Hand deliver or mail all fliers/postings to the Campus Manager’s Office located at 6815 Rustic, Learning Hub Room 215.
  2. The Campus Manager shall review all fliers and/or postings.
  3. If the Campus Manager approves, then fliers/postings will be hung in designated areas in the Felix and Angela Morales buildings.
  4. If the Campus Manager does not approve flies and/or posting, the person requesting the fliers and/or postings will be notified by phone.
  5. The fliers and/or postings will be posted for 10 days.  This task will be undertaken by Campus Management Staff.
  6. The fliers and/or postings will be taken down after 10 days by Campus Management Staff.
  7. The approved fliers and/or postings will be stamped with the Campus Manager’s initials and dated before any fliers and/or postings will be permitted to be hung.
  8. The Campus Management Staff will inspect daily the fliers/postings bulletin boards to monitor for compliance to this policy.
  9.       9.   All additional copies of approved fliers and/or postings must be hand delivered or mailed by the individual requesting the postings.  For multiple copies, please supply an original on white bond paper. After receiving approval and proper stamp of approval is made, it will be returned for copying on color paper.

Please do not send a ream of color paper for this office to run copies for your department and/or area.