Telecommunication Work Order Request

 Task:  Process a Telecommunication Work Order Request


 At the end of this module, the participant will be able to correctly complete and submit a Telecommunication Work Order Request for various services.

 Background Information

 This section covers procedures for ordering telephone equipment and new services, requesting repairs, and making service changes.

 Downloadable Form

 Navigation: HCC Intranet Homepage at http://myhcc > Forms (center tab on dark blue bar) > Work Orders (under Information Technology)

§ Telephone and Cable Work Order Request


Process for Completing Task 

Ordering Telephones, Services and Equipment

Use the HCC Telephone and Cable Work Order Request Form to order new service and equipment (telephone lines, telephone sets, voice mail service and other features), request repairs, make service changes, and order cable.  The form is enterable and can be submitted online.

Most work orders generally require a 3 to 5 working-day turnaround time to process and complete the request.  For cabling, the time to process the request is longer, depending on the scope of work.  

Important: If funding is required, your Telephone Work Order Request must include approval from the Budget Authority and a Purchase Order Number in order to be processed.

Moving from your Present Location

If you are planning to move from your present location (office, room, building or site), please fill out a Telephone Work Order Request Form three weeks prior to your move date.  The form is available online (see Downloadable Form section above, for navigation to form).  You must include a contact phone number on the form, as a Telecom representative will call to review your order once it is received.

Telephone lines connect to a face plate on the wall that is numbered for the phone lines, and is called a phone jack.  The orange coding is for old black Meridian phones.  The new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones use a data jack (usually blue.)  It is the phone jack that holds the phone cord that goes into the wall.  It will have a number on it.  We need that phone jack number on the telephone work order form.  If the phone jack is inaccessible for some reason, please let us know by calling the Help Desk at x88800.  Please do not remove the telephone and plug it in elsewhere.

Old/Unused Equipment

All old or unused telephone sets and equipment will be picked up by Telephone Support and will become inventory items in the Telecommunication-Customer Support storage.  Please indicate on the work order form if telephones need to be picked up.  Again, please fill out the HCC Telephone and Cable Work Order Request Form and submit it online.

Call the Help Desk at x88800 when you need to:

§ Obtain assistance with the Telephone and Cable Work Order Request Form

§ Check on the status of your Telephone and Cable Work Order Request 

§ Discuss questions or problems with voicemail services associated with your telephone instrument

Instructions for completing the Telephone and Cable Work Order Request Form Online

• Request Date   Date the request is being initiated

• Requestor Info  Who to contact in your department with questions

• Alt. Contact Person Info Back-up person who knows details of the request

• Service Type   Place check in appropriate box, and describe what you want done  

• Service Location  Location of work to be completed, or where equipment should be delivered

• Current Room No.  If moving service from one room to another, current room location and jack number 

• New Rm. No.   If moving service from one room to another, new room location and jack number

• Current Jack No.  See explanation in “Moving from your …

• New Jack No.   … Present Location” above

• Budget & Approval  Select “Non-Purchase of Services” OR  “Purchase of Equip or Services”

• If you are purchasing  Enter Purchase Order Number AND Click “Load the Approver List” & select approver


Key Resource Persons


 Help Desk              Tel 713-718-8800